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 UAW | Urban Architecture Works | 2014


Urban Architecture Works is engaged in the practice of Architecture, Interiors and Urbanism. UAW is a partnership between Anuraag Chowfla and Gaurav Sanan.

Anuraag was a senior architect with Stein Doshi Bhalla Architects and then a partner in Stein Mani Chowfla Architects and Mani Chowfla Architects. Gaurav was a senior associate with Mani Chowfla Architects. Anuraag & Gaurav represent over 50 years of combined experience in India in the design and execution of many outstanding landmark structures.


UAW clients include leading institutions, corporates, infrastructure providers, developers and others such as Indian Institute of Management, Pioneer Urban Land & Infrastructure Ltd, Godrej Properties, Rapid metro Gurgaon. Our projects range in size from 150 Acres and 5 million sq. ft developments to small stand-alone schools. The practice leads projects from conceptualization till completion.


The long lineage of association with diverse range of projects over the last 30 years allows us to have an in depth understanding of the working and requirement of varied building types.

We bring to the table award winning design experience and young energies which help us deliver a competitive solution to our clients.


Please click on the link below to take you to the MCA website, which will give you an overview of the work of Anuraag as a partner in Mani Chowfla Architects and also projects Gaurav contributed to as an associate.

Urban Architecture Works | UAW | Anuraag Chowfla | Gaurav Sanan

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