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Urban Architecture works is a partnership between Anuraag Chowfla and Gaurav Sanan. Anuraag was a senior architect with Stein Doshi Bhalla Architects and then a partner in Stein Mani Chowfla Architects and Mani Chowfla Architects. Gaurav was a senior associate with Mani Chowfla Architects.


These firms were responsible for many award winning projects such as the India Habitat center, India International Centre, Sardar Beant Singh Memorial, The American School, Various buildings in IIT Kanpur, IIM Kozhikode and other prestigious educational and public building projects.


UAW was formed after Meena Mani and Anuraag Chowfla, the partners of Mani Chowfla Architects closed their office in 2011 to pursue independent professional careers. UAW has signed on several projects, while also undertaking the completion of ongoing MCA projects.

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